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What To Do With My Beauty?

What To Do With My Beauty?

English is a language with one of the richest vocabularies in the world. It has a lot of ways of saying the same thing. How many synonyms for the word “beautiful” can you name? Today we are looking at how to enrich our everyday language with more elegant, native-like and even slang expressions.

If we are completely overpowered by a man’s or a woman’s beauty you can call them gourgeous or absolutely stunning. Back in the 80’s and early 90’s you could hear an attractive man or woman being called foxy or babe. Nowadays it is much more common to say “He/She’s a hottie” or simply “He’s hot”.  If you wanted to sound even more informal, you would probably use banging, which comes from the verb to bang (to have sex). You could use this word to describe anything that is great, like food or experiences: “The music at the club was banging last night!”

When referring to a woman’s figure in the circle of your close friends, you could call your female friend bootylicious if she has a particularly voluptuous behind. Talking about your victories on the female front, you could boast to your friends saying the girl you chatted up at the club was the perfect 10 (it’s a gradation of female beauty used by some men where 6 would be average and 10 the highest). Some other multi-word expressions are: she’s a Traffic Stopper, smoking hot or eye-catching.  The opposite meaning would be to say “He’s easy on the eyes”, meaning that the person is perhaps a bit plain or unattractive.

And what are your favourite words to describe people you are drawn to?

For more synonyms of “beautiful” please check out this article.


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